barracuda in sirmione

A history stretching back over 30 years… In the 90s, the Veclani family transformed a historic kiosk into a classic Italian bar with a particular vocation for cocktails. Evolution in 2014… Antonella and Andrea’s son transformed part of Barracuda into a successful restaurant and offered guests another spectacular space: the jetty. This marked the beginning of a new adventure. Boats began to dock and guests found welcome refuge where the invitation is persuasive as night falls: “come and have a sundowner at the Barracuda”.

barracuda & music

As a great music lover, Andrea leaves nothing to chance. I enjoy creating soundtracks from the most varied of music styles to offer clientele. It’s great when compliments rush in!
At the end of the season each year, I organise a concert to gift loyal guests and those interested in the initiative. I have always thought that music is “one for all”, a social bond and a considerable form of entertainment that the atmosphere at Barracuda is saturated with.